The stage adaptation of Blows Against the Empire has the potential for duplicating the success of the Broadway adaptation of The Who’s Tommy, which ran for over two years and grossed over 45 million dollars in ticket revenues. The commercial success of the recent Broadway revival of Hair proves the market will support 1960s themes and psychedelic rock music. Even more, the astounding commercial success of Avatar, proves the large market for the science fiction genre.

 The budget for Blows Against the Empire: A Space Rock Musical has been meticulously crafted to insure a long run: a low capitalization and low weekly running costs. The budget stands at 1.2 million, which is quite low for a new Broadway opening. This is an original piece, so there are no payments being made to past producers. The producer will maintain a 13% contingency fund to protect the show from unforeseen events, and the weekly running costs are under $350,000, which means the production breaks even at an astounding 40% of capacity.

Projecting for a conservative estimate of 75% capacity, the show will recoup its capitalization in only 20 weeks. If the show runs 15 months at a 75% capacity, investors will realize a 200% return on their investment.

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